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Researchers Uncover Gut Bacteria Potential Role in MS

I love love love that there is so much research directed toward gut health and autoimmune disease. Here is another article from Forbes, with more support for the role of gut bacteria in MS.

I had to read the article a couple times to fully understand. If you are interested in discussing this, please feel free to comment below.

“We essentially discovered a remote control by which the gut flora can control what is going on at a distant site in the body, in this case the central nervous system,” said Dr Francisco Quintana, lead author of the paper from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Bruce Bebo, Executive Vice President of Research at the National MS Society, which part-funded the study said: “It is complicated to dissect when this pathway is acting positively to suppress inflammation and promote repair or negatively, causing inflammation and blocking repair. This new research increases understanding these pathways and is likely to lead to strategies and treatments which can slow down and even stop disability in MS.”

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