What's the Process?

Getting Started

Initial intake - Before we meet, you will complete intake forms that review your health history and current health concerns. Based on your history, I will begin to identify hidden patterns and internal stressors that will drive our initial meeting.

Foundation session - We will meet in person in Denver, CO or remotely via phone or Skype to talk through your health concerns and your wellness goals. I will share my observations from your health history and other intake forms. Initial intake conversations last upwards of 3 hours and can be broken into separate meetings.  

Detailed follow-up report - After our meeting, I will create a very detailed profile report based on your unique bio-individuality. You will also receive a list of personalized action steps and a sample daily schedule you can follow to start meeting your goals right away. 

Clients are amazed by the preparation time and detail put into their initial intake meetings and follow-up reports.

Intro Package (Initial intake + Foundation session + Follow-up report) - $300

Coaching Sessions

Following the initial intake and foundation session, regularly scheduled wellness coaching sessions are the core service I provide. These in-depth discussions are each 1 hour long and review all the different components of your health. Each session results in clear action steps that will help you achieve immediate and lasting health outcomes.

Based on individual needs and goals, we establish an ongoing schedule for coaching sessions together. Most clients meet for bi-weekly or monthly appointments.

All session packages are purchased in advance.

2018 pricing:

3 sessions - $300

6 sessions - $550

12 sessions  - $1000

Functional Labs & Conventional Labs

Along the way, we can run functional medicine labs to gather additional information based on your needs. In addition, I am able to help you review your  conventional labs.  I can explain why a lab result may appear out of range or help identify patterns that are looking either positive or negative. Throughout our journey together, I am always happy to work with your doctor, communicating our work and partnering with him/her to improve your health.

Commonly ordered labs include:

Hormone Testing

Gut Pathogen Testing

Gut permeability Testing

Digestions and Detoxification Assessment

Food Sensitivity Testing

Full Thyroid Panel

Genetic Testing

Pricing varies based on labs ordered.


My clients leave each meeting feeling energized and excited about changes they can make to see drastic improvements in their health. After each discussion, I follow up with a very comprehensive report of our meeting along with clear action steps.

Some clients work with me toward a specific goal, and others choose to work with me to optimize their general wellness.

Why work with me?

Functional Medicine Health Coaching promotes lasting health by finding the root causes of your symptoms.

Common issues I help clients with include:

  • Chronic stress or anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
Ali Anderson Wellness Photo

Working with me, you will develop a deeper understanding of your individual body’s unique needs.

We will dig deep, looking for hidden sources of internal chaos.  With our findings, we will create an actionable nutrition and lifestyle plan to make dramatic improvements in your health. You will be surprised how much you learn about your body during our time together!

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