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Bone Broth breakfast

Ali Anderson WellnessFollowing up from yesterday’s post on Bone Broth, I wanted to share this morning’s Bone Broth breakfast. It is not pretty but it is a wonderful way to start with your day with a bowl full of nutrition. This morning, I sauteed onion, celery, carrots, mushrooms and avocado with chicken breakfast sausage in avocado oil. Added Curry Powder (turmeric & other anti-inflammatory spices) and black pepper. Poured Chicken Bone Broth on top, then mixed in an egg to the very hot soup. The egg cooked as I scrambled it in the cooking soup. Not much liquid left when I was finished. I poured this on top of Greens (mache blend today). The greens get a little cooked/wilted. It is soo good! I wish you could see the steam coming off the dish when I took the picture. ?


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